Desert Tribes

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While there is the occasional individual, most of The Desert People belong to one of the five Desert Tribes.

  1. Culla - the oldest of the Desert Tribes, the Cullinary people believe in keeping the tribe fit, and regularly kill and eat the weakest members. An extremely elite but powerful tribe, these people only allow the strongest trolls to join.
  2. Enda - this Desert Tribe will accept people of any race or creed, but only if they are raised in the ways of the tribe from childhood. Anyone above the age of 10 is not allowed to join the Endays, but once you're in, you're in for life.
  3. Mulla - The Mullats are distrustful of all non-troll races, but if impressed, will allow them to join.
  4. Nurra - anyone not born into the Tribe can only became a Nurri Brother through challenging a current member to a fight to the death, and then winning that fight.
  5. Terra - the most open-minded of the tribes, this clan actually consists of less than half trolls, with the majority of the Terranians being from the other 8 races - particularly humans (making up one quarter of the tribe.)

Each of the tribes is fiercely religious, and as such there is no formal war between the five tribes, however they rarely agree on anything, and the occasional murder does occur. While the majority of The Desert People are trolls, some of the clans are more open-minded, and will allow other races in, provided they believe in the way of the desert.

Of course, some are not. They all have their own rules!