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Targ is the God of Pirates. His church doesn't have any kind of strong structure, however the Voice can generally be found on the Ship of Targ - the world's largest boat, and the second largest of the Targ churches. The Ship of Targ spends most of its time docked at Liswan, the largest of the Narcarbia Islands, connected to the (land-based) largest Targ church in the world.

Worshippers of Targ are particularly good at the game of Tab, have increased ability at sailing and using ropes, and are unique in their ability to hold a cutlass in their mouth without cutting themselves, a feat which non-worshippers have never managed to achieve.

The symbol of Targ is a dwarven skull, with two bones crossed underneath it. Many pirates ships use this symbol on their flags, however it is not mandatory. It is very rare for any other symbol to be shown on a pirate ship's flag, as this is considered to be a slight against Targ.