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Kurses (unlike [[curses]]) range from mild annoyances to dehabilitating conditions. Each [[race]] has a few kurses of its own. Here is an incomplete list:
Kurses (unlike [[curses]]) range from mild annoyances to dehabilitating conditions. Here is an incomplete list:

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Kurses (unlike curses) range from mild annoyances to dehabilitating conditions. Here is an incomplete list:


  • Arlics - Causes one to become extremely shy and inarticulate.
  • Bollospod - Causes uncontrollable swearing. (undetectable when cast on a pirate.)
  • Burse - Causes you to replace the first letter of every word you say with "B". (or, as one would say when under the f't'j kurse - Bauses boo boo beplace be birst better bof bevery bord boo bay bith "B".)
  • Crali - Causes loose, floppy (but still functional, if only just) limbs and joints.
  • crOlk - Makes one extremely sickly. Most common in kRonkton.
  • Exno - Your conscience becomes physically embodied by an angel on one shoulder, and a demon on the other.
  • The Friendly Kurse - Causes you to uncontrollably hug everyone you see.
  • Guh - Severely reduces your intelligence.
  • Iclars - Causes extreme confidence and a bombastic personality, to the point of annoying.
  • Jiff - Completely removes any common sense a person has.
  • Licras - Causes your limbs to lock up - you can still move, but barely.
  • Nexoz - Your mouth closes up, and cannot be opened.
  • Onxez - One (or more, depending on the severity) of your limbs loses all sensation, but continues to work in every other regard.
  • Phantis - Causes each of your ears to become as big as your entire head
  • Puddy - Makes one extremely weak, and also blocks up their nose.
  • Scaril - Scars form all over your body, and then proceed to move like worms all over your body, causing incontrollable scratching. Even once the kurse is removed, the scars remain. Only works once on each person -due to its long-lasting effects, many angel, human, fairly and gnome children are given an extremely localised version of this at a young age, to prevent permanent disfigurement.
  • Quin - He speaks of himself in the third person.
  • Quinplus - We speak of ourselves in the multiple third person.
  • Quix - If someone asks you a question 3 times, you uncontrollably answer it with the truth. The bane of Nakira-worshippers.
  • Uptide - Your hands raise above your head, and cannot be lowered.
  • V - Your personality remains the same, however your motivations go from whatever they were before to pure evil.
  • Xeons - You move, speak, think and react at half speed.
  • Zonex - Your own personal gravity is reversed.