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Capital: Ikiva

Largest City: Ikiva

Race: Elves

Government Style: Monarchy

Nirenda is the Elven homeland. It is almost entirely covered by forest, with a thin band down the middle being all that prevents it from being the biggest forest in the world.

The population and land is split into four regions, known as "Houses". Elven lore says that originally, Elves were one family, but that at the death of Takkae, his four children were told to split the land up between themselves.

Its capital is Ikiva.



Li is the largest of the four houses, named after its founder, the Elven Princess "Li the Fast". When told that each sibling could chose their own land, she immediately set off to claim as much land as she could. By the time her siblings had caught up with her, she had staked borders in the most fertile part of the land and set up Ikiva, the largest city and capital of Nirenda.

Members of the House of Li are best-known for their speed and agility. Li is the western-most House of Nirenda.


Quon is one of the central houses of Nirenda, located between Li and Raza. It is named for its founder, the Elven Prince "Quon the Strong". Legend has it that after chasing Li, the siblings headed back to claim their own portion of the land; they quickly grew weary, and all wished to claim the land immediately after the border. Quon, as the strongest, won the battle and claimed the land next to the House of Li.

Members of the House of Quon are best-known for their strength and combat skills.


Raza is one of the central houses of Nirenda, located between Quon and Chang. It is named for its founder, the Elven Princess "Raza the Noble". After Quon and Li had staked their claims, all that was left of Nirenda was the fertile land of the East and the comparatively arid land that ultimately became Raza's.

The legend differs, depending on which house is recounting it - according to the House of Raza, the Princess challenged Chang, the final brother, to a game of Ducart. Chang, through cheating and trickery, won the game - Raza's sense of honour forbade her from calling him out on his deceit, and sticking to her promise, she set up her house in the arid area known today as Raza.

Members of the House of Raza are best-known for their wisdom and sense of honour.


Chang is the Eastern-most house of Nirenda, located next to Raza. It is named for its founder, the Elven Prince "Chang the Clever". According to the House of Chang, when Raza and Chang were the only two royal siblings without land, Raza challenged Chang to a game of Ducart to determine who would have the rich land of the East, and who would have the dry and rocky land remaining. To Raza's surprise, Chang removed his headgear, and revealed that he was not Prince Chang at all, but his servant Jasmine, who had been masquerading as Chang the entire time.

Chang had known that Li would be the fastest and Quon would be the strongest, so rather than waste his time fighting them for the Western lands, he had stayed at his father's castle and begun constructing his empire - by the time everyone else had fought and set up their new homes, Chang had claimed all of the fertile land on the Eastern half of the island. In honour of his loyal and talented servant, the capital of Chang was renamed the City of Jasmine.

Members of the House of Chang are best-known for their intelligence, forethought, and utter ruthlessness.