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There are 6 different types of Para, with details listed below. Paratroopers are those dedicated to wiping out PARA.

The 6 different types of Para

PARA Combinations

Being Paraformed

You can be Paraformed in one of two different ways: Phantation (yeist) and Infection (all others.)

If you are bitten by a Dragon, Mermaid, Vampire, Werewolf or Zombie, and you survive, the next time you got to sleep, you will be unwakeable. This sleep will last for three days, and by the end of it, you turn into the kind of Para that infected you.

Paraformation is completely irreversible. A high-level spell can reverse it during the three day sleep, however once awake, nothing can be done.

If under 20 when Paraformed, you grow to the approximate age of 20, however after that, all Para no longer show signs of age, or suffer any age-related ill effects.

Para of any kind have absolutely no magical abilities. Regardless of this fact, they still have a defined focus. (see magic)

Para Colour Chart

Your colour as a Para is based on your behaviour before being bitten. As such, the personality of a Para can be roughly inferred from their colour - though due to their long lifespans, they often drastically change personality over the years, though their colour never changes.

  • Evil, cruel and destructive people turn into red, orange and black Para. Good, kind and giving people become purple, blue and white (the only colour options for Angels who are bitten). Those who fall somewhere in between - the neutral or dull - end up green, grey and yellow colours.


Originally used by Paratroopers for internal conversations and commands, these have become widely used, especially when warning city inhabitants of a forthcoming Parattack:

  • Code Red - Dragons
  • Code Blue - Mermaids
  • Code White - Vampires
  • Code Brown - Werewolves
  • Code Yellow - Yeists (extremely rare for city attacks, but regularly used by Paratroopers and tomb-delvers)
  • Code Green - Zombies
    • Code Grey - Skeletons
  • (related: Code Black - Pirates)