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The Sea-Elves are a small group of pirates, who are loosely affiliated with the Fandang Pirate Clan. All of the Sea-Elves are, as the name would suggest, Elves. As most Elves are known for their forest-dwelling habits (and rumours that elves are afraid of the water), this group is moderately well-known among both pirates and elves.


Whether or not it's a requirement is not known, but almost all of the Sea-Elves are tall, blue-eyed, and have long silver ponytails. The silver colour of their ponytails is rare, due to the elven tendency to stay away from water. (When frequently moistened and then bleached by the sun, elven hair turns silver.)

Due to their association with the Fandang clan, the Sea-Elves hoist a blue flag, and are known to be expert swordsmen. Whether or not they worship Targ is unknown.