The Heartland

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The Heartland

Capital: None

Largest City: Earth

Race: Humans

Government Style: Various

The Heartland is the Human homeland. It consists of the Island of Ile, and directly below that, the small Isle of Dane.

The Heartland is split into four regions: Anob Neeble in the top left corner, Sork Watch to the right of that, Badro Bunip below that, and Ach Nees in the bottom left-hand corner.

The Heartland is unique among the countries in that it doesn't have a capital, due to the warring nature of the humans. The Heartland's political system varies from region to region - Anob Neeble and Ach Neese are both run under a system of local lords and "kings" having power, while Sork Watch and Badro Bunip are not.

Cities of The Heartland

  • Earth, the central city, bordered by all four regions. Noteably the city with the largest population, but least political leaders. Those unfamiliar with politics on The Heartland sometimes refer to "Earth" as the capital (and numberous conquering invaders have believed that once Earth is conquered or destroyed, they will rule The Heartland) it is actually not regarded very fondly by most humans, and few not living there would fight to protect it. Due to its lack of allegience to any of the four regions, it's considered vaguely traitorous, when considered at all.

Sork Watch

While the largest city of Sork Watch is the capital, Fire, the most popular tourist destinations are Talo and Nida, sometimes referred to as "The Twin Cities", perhaps because they are diametrically opposite. Talo is a lawful good city of rules upon rules, while Nida is a chaotic city with only 3 city laws. "Don't kill, don't fight, and if you're going to steal, try not to get caught." Similarly, while Talo's population are all easy-going, they are known to be a bit dim. Conversely, Nida, the city of loose morals that it is, attracts some of The Heartland's greatest thinkers.

Anob Neeble

Badro Bunip

Ach Nees

Location Unknown

Geographical Information

The Heartland is bordered by three oceans - the Teagull Sea above, the Yujum Ocean below, and The Demographic Ocean to the left.