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Zombies are one of the 6 types of PARA.


To be turned into a zombie is known as Zombification. After being bitten by a zombie, one falls into a deep, three day sleep. When awoken, they will appear as a normal person, but have a very strong craving for brains. Zombies slowly rot over time, however the rotting can be slowed down (and to a certain extent stopped) by the consumption of brains, preferably fresh from the skull.

Zombies have no regenerative abilities. When damaged, the damaged flesh tends to just fall from their body. They cannot be knocked out, and their limbs can operate even if seperated from each other: chopping a zombie's head off just makes it harder for the zombie to see where they are going, however they still control both their head and body, even though the two can be many islands away from one another. Disembodied limbs can be magically re-attached.

Children and adults alike can become zombies, and thus skeletons.


Once all the flesh has rotted from a zombie's body, whether quickly or slowly, a zombie becomes a skeleton (a process known as Skellificiation), a walking set of bones. Despite having no ears, eyes, nose, lips, or any other organs of any kind, a skeleton can walk, hear, talk, see, and smell, though they are unable to eat. Skeletons cannot be be knocked out: the only way to stop one is to actually snap the bones. Until they are snapped, a skeleton's bones continue to function, even if disconnected from the main body or the skull: unlike a zombie's limbs, they don't have to be magically reattached, merely put back into place.

While a skeleton has free will, they are very, very easily persuaded, and will listen to whoever is most persuasive, accepting everything they say as fact. A persuasive skeleton can take advantage of this by controlling all other skeletons, however as soon as someone more persuasive says anything to him, they are powerless to resist their new master.

Skeletons are unable to bite people, as their jawbone dangles loosely, without the skin to hold it up.

Slowing down Skellification

A common technique among zombies to try to stop their flesh from falling off their bodies is to tightly wrap their entire body in bandages. This is effective in that it prevents them from becoming easily-swayed skeletons, however it also makes them extremely susceptible to fire, and if unwrapped, all of their flesh tends to fall off at once, instantly turning them into a skeleton.