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I’m running behind (mostly due to sleep-in) so just a quickie today: I’m going to talk about dreams a little more.

I don’t know how common dreams about dreams are, but every now and again I have a dream in which I wake up and write the dream down.

In real life, of course, I love recording my dreams. Whenever I’m sorting through old files, I repost anything interesting to my Tumblr before deleting them. Last week I discovered this gem:

Really cool dream about female ninja sent to assassinate everyone at hotel. Starts in a room with husband and wife – kill wife before husband wakes up. Then both husband and wife, then a room with heaps of people. Big, fat, American turns out to be robot.

(I have no idea how the last sentence relates to the rest of the dream, but I thought it was worth sharing.)

It can get a bit confusing when I’ve been awake (real awake) for a few minutes and want to read over the notes I made, only to discover that the note-taking was a part of the dream itself.

Last night I dreamt that I was at a dinner party with three celebrities, made a faux pas, and then woke up (within the dream) and wrote down the details to blog about later.

Have you ever tried to write inside a dream? It messes with your head. If you have any kind of control over what you dream, here’s a challenge for you: next time you’re asleep, try to dream about writing something down and then reading it back more than once.

The dream quickly turned into a confusing mess of me trying to read over my notes to see which celebrities were there, to the point that even though it was crystal clear within the actual dream, I now can’t remember who I was subconsciously hob-nobbing with.

What’s the point of celebrity cameos in your dreams if you can’t name-drop them later?

Fortunately, before it got too frustrating, my dream then turned into an amusing half-hour animated sitcom about taking over the world. Much more fun.

I’ll end today’s post with a picture: Shortly after writing yesterday’s post on Going Digital, Sarah Jane and I moved our bookcases from our bedroom into our office. Before I put my books back on the shelf, I want to sort them in some way. Until then…

I don’t know why it’s turned sideways, but this is the entirety of my book-collection, currently taking over my spare bed. Also the big robot puppet from my kid’s show Help!

I tell you, going digital grows more and more tempting every day…

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