Back Again

I’ve spent the last few weeks travelling, but now I’m home again, and ready to blog!

My girlfriend Sarah Jane and I went on a lovely trip to all my home towns…Glenbrook, where I lived up until I was 14; Toowoomba, where I lived from 15-19 and Brisbane, my home from 19-21. If I’d stopped in at Canberra (where I lived from 21-22, before moving to Melbourne) the trip would have taken us everywhere I’ve ever lived.

We got to hang out with my brother, sister and cousin for extended periods of time, Sarah Jane met my mother/extended family, and we celebrated both my sister’s 21st and my grandmother’s 90th.

There are certain parts of my life that I have been keeping relatively secret, because certain members of my family weren’t aware of them and I didn’t want anyone I love to learn about it through Facebook/other people telling them after seeing it on Facebook. I’ve now “come out” to all the people who are important to me (I like to do these things in person!) however, and so the list of topics I’m able/willing to talk about online has now grown a bit longer.

This will probably lead to either longer or more frequent blogs, because I (like most humans) like blogging about what’s going on in my life, and on days when that’s all that is running through my mind, I don’t really want to blog about anything else.

October is, according to Tumblr, Bold Moves Month¬†and so this is my bold move. I’m a huge believer in living with nothing to hide (I believe Kevin Smith refers to it as “owning your shit”, because if you tell the world your secrets then no one can hold them over you) and now that my family are caught up with my goings-on, I’ll inform the rest of the world.

Not today, mind you. I’ve got work to do. But in the next couple of days.

Maybe next week.

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