My Reddit Adventure

As I’ve spoken about before, I really like reddit. I treat it like a personalised newspaper-with-comments, and I enjoy a lot of the discussion over there – especially since it strongly rewards/leans toward humour. It’s rare for me to spend more than a few minutes on reddit without laughing.

I don’t submit a lot of content, but when I do it’s either because I’m curious to see how high on the ranks I can rise.

This is not only a fun little game, but it’s a useful skill to have, especially as a creative professional. People don’t see your stuff unless they’ve heard of it, and learning to get people’s attention on reddit is a transferable skill.

Currently as my day-job, I professionally write erotica. I self-publish over at (and other places) as “Pandora Box“. (this is the confession that I alluded to last week)

I’m making about $20/day with around 30 titles out. This is okay, but not great – there are people with less titles who make more, and a few with more titles who make less.

It’s not the best writing I’ve ever done, but it’s erotica that…serves its purpose, let’s say that. (you are absolutely welcome to buy some and see for yourself)

Self-pubbing erotica is all about rising the ranks – the correct combination of keywords, title, cover and content can turn into quite a bit of money. There are writers over at the forum I frequent who make $80 000/month.

Per month.

I’m sitting at a bit over $500/month, hoping to double that in the next month or so, and then hopefully double it again until I’m a millionaire. I’m confident in my writing abilities, and the more stuff I have out there, the higher my chances of hitting it big.

So rank-rising is something that’s extremely relevant to me at the moment. The ability to market cleverly and provide quality content is, I believe, the trick to success.

And so reddit is fascinating to me because you have to have content, and you have to headline it well. Thus far I’ve made it on the front page twice – once through /r/atheism, by posting an average picture with a clever title and just yesterday on a smaller subreddit by posting a collection of advice I’d saved to my hard-drive a while back. (with a purely descriptive title)

The first time I made it to the front-page, I didn’t even notice until a few days later. I’d posted it, forgot about it, and then came back a few days later to notice my “karma” (reddit’s measure of how popular your posts are) had gone from a few hundred to a few thousand.

This time, however, I was there for the full ride. I watched it creep from a few hundred to the front page, I watched people be rude in the comments and posted some snarky replies (my “no arguing on the internet” meant that I probably shouldn’t have replied at all, but I couldn’t help myself. One guy was just being so rude.)

Some day, I’ll make it to the front page with actual original content of my own. But right now, I’m happy enough to use other people’s work to gain imaginary internet points.