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Angels are a mature and patient race - the race as a whole is uniquely dedicated to bettering the world, however there can be some disagreements on the best way to do this. It is these disagreements that divide the Angels into two main factions:

  • The Lawful: those who believe that the only way to improve the world is through laws and regulations, and the strict enforcement of these rules. Within the Lawful, there are two further subdivisions:
    • Establishment Angels, those who work directly for the church
    • The Angels who live in Nevah-Nevah without working immediately for the church.
  • The Rebel Angels, in constant conflict with the Establishment Angels, believe that the betterment of all people comes from allowing them freedom and gentle encouragement.

The Lawful (as a rule) live in the huge, sky-scraping cities of the Nevah-Nevah, known as "Hands". The Rebel Angels either roam All-That-Is freely, permanently live in a different country, or - if they reside in Nevah-Nevah - spend their time fighting against the Church of Norbi.

Unless you're watching them come into direct contact with water (which causes horrendous damage to Angels - an Angel submerged in water is guaranteed to die) the first things one notices about an Angel is their wings. With a wingspan exactly equal to the Angel's height - they generally stand at about 3m tall - the wings can be tucked quite neatly behind the Angel's back when not in use.

Angels can fly at a base speed of half their running speed, with no limit upon how high they can fly. They can lift the same weight whether flying or not, and Angel Hands are generally constructed with teams of 50-100 Angels.

If they are magic-doers, their focus is typically a sword or weapon of some kind, to show their dedication to fighting against injustice. Injustice and Pirates are said to be the two worst enemies of Angels.

An Angels life span is the longest of all the races (some Angels have been known to live for as long as 160 years), and Angelic tradition is that before settling down in a Hand and raising a choir (an Angel family), Angels should first travel the world. While not mandatory, it is expected of every Angel that by the time they are 70, they will have travelled the world, and set foot (or flown overhead) every country. Some Angels take on the added challenge of visiting every island of Nevah-Nevah.

Angel males give birth, laying an egg, and nourishing it until it grows to the size of a child. After a year, the egg hatches, and by the time a baby angel is 3, they can generally fly.

The Angel god of choice is Norbi, God of Flight, who bestows the gift of increased speed and control upon his worshippers. It's rare for a Lawful Angel to worship any other god, and unheard of for Establishment Angels'. In contrast, worshippers of Norbi is extremely rare among Rebel Angels, as he has explicitly endorsed the Lawful as his chosen people. Popular choices for Rebel Angels include Art Catal, Sillan and Jom.