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A year is split into five seasons - Krim, Lox, Ottom, Sollospod and Womp - each of which consists of two months.

The seasons


Krim is the season of death and purging. It contains the months of Dip and Iqibi.

Krim is the season in which trees lose their foliage, flowers grow their barbs, and traditionally the season in which most people discard their unwanted belongings, known as Krim Kleaning.

More animals die in Krim than in any other season.


Lox is the season of scarcity and poison. It contains the months of Izzi and Noon.

Lox is the coldest and driest season of the year, in which all flower barbs become poisonous, causing enormous danger to travellers trying to move across flower-infested areas, or farmers who primarily rely on flowers for their harvest.


Ottom is the season of balance and birth. It contains the months of Opido and Otto.

Ottom is the season in which flowers wilt and lose their barbs, trees start to regrow their foliage, and most will give birth. It is the most mild season of the year.


Sollospod is the season of growth and blossom. It contains the months of Pod and Sollos.

Sollospod is the season in which flowers blossom and tree foliage becomes incandescent. It is the wettest season of the year.


Womp, also known as The Harvest, is the season of harvest and plenty. It is the final season of the year, and contains the months Wom and Yillih.

Womp is the season in which farmers harvest their plants. The first month, Wom, along with the last month of Sollospod are the two warmest seasons of the year.