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Slor is the God of Axes and Beards.

Worshippers of Slor, back in the day, would frequently argue over what consituted an acceptable level of beard-length, and these arguments frequently ended in axe-fights, until the Voice of Slor set down the 9 Beard Commandments in The Year of the Bactrian Camel.

Since then, arguments have been mostly about moustaches, and the correct way to hold an axe. These have ended much less violently.

Slor is a popular god among Dwarves. Having a beard is not a mandatory pre-requisite, however it is hard to rise in the Church Ranks without one.

Worshippers of Slor are noticeably better at using axes, whether in battle, or activities that wouldn't ordinarily involve axes, such as "stirring a pot" or "fishing". An exception to this rule is the act of shaving, though not trimming one's beard. Worshippers with beards are even better again.