The Narcarbia Islands

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Narcarbia Islands

Capital: Galtua

Largest City: The Church of Targ

Race: Dwarves

Government Style: Council

The Narcarbia Islands is the homeland of the Dwarves (and as such, the home of piracy and mining.) The land is made up of 10 islands, which are split into the 5 different Dwarven clans. The centre island, Liswan, is also the home of the capital city, Galtua.

Liswan is controlled by Afflet, the neutral clan, who are considered to be responsible for keeping the peace between the pirate clans. (in the homeland, at least - on open sea, it's a different matter.)

The others (from the western-most island, going clockwise) are:

Port Laroy, Port Astob and Port Rutner, all Fandang islands.

Del Isa and Temura, both Jolee islands.

Napitac, Kaj and Worrpas, all Vadey islands.

Sobrasa, the only Undredge island.