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Thland (technically just Th, but most people use the longer name) is the northern third of Thebaz Isle. It is home of the most fertile farm-land in the world, and as such, is constantly being fought over by evil sorcerors and warlords of every race, though primarily fairies. (being part of the Fairy homeland.)

It is split into 11 provinces:

  • Amandsi (home of the Amandsians)
  • Drark (home of the Drark Knights)
  • Frollo (home of the Frollotarians)
  • Hook (home of the Enamored)
  • Kaa (home of the Kaans)
  • Monstro (home of the Monstrous people)
  • Ronno (home of the Ronnonians)
  • Siriss (home of the Serisians)
  • Strom (home of the Strompets)
  • Tremaine (home of the Tremanians)
  • Wické (home of the Wicked)