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Abaia, also known as pond-mothers are an underwater animal which create ponds (and, in extreme cases, lakes).

An abaia lives at the bottom of a pond, and spends its time digging out the bottom of the pond to make it deeper. Once an abaia reaches rock, it spends a few days bloating itself with water, until it takes up roughly half the size of the pond with its own body mass. The abaia then explodes, sending water in five to eight different directions, along with a baby abaia. Each of these abaia then dig themselves out a little pond. If a baby lands on rock or other terrain unsuitable for making a pond, they flounder around, looking for a unoccupied nearby pond (two abaia in the same pond causes them both to prematurely explode when they get to the bloating stage.) If they fail to find a pond within a few minutes, the abaia die.

Abaia are most commonly found within the Heartland province of Badro Bunip, though they can flourish anywhere with soft dirt and a heavy rainfall. They feed on the nutrients left behind in the droppings of other fish. While they are not typically aggressive, they see the invasion of their pond as an attack, and will fight to defend it.