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The technical definition of an "animal" on All-That-Is is "that which seeks out and devours other things which are, or have been alive." Compare to plants or life.

Animals can grow up to a certain size, which changes depending on the animal. As they grow, their toughness increases correspondingly. Animal experts generally divide the growth of an animal into twenty groups, known as "levels". A "level 1" rart, for instance, is 5% the size of a "level 20" rart. (level 20 is defined as the maximum growth of any animal)

Animals can be categorised in several different ways.

By size


Insects are any animals less than .1m in size.


Normals are any animals between .1m and 3m in size.


Monsters are any animals over 3m in size.

By Sentience and Reproduction


Persons are any animal aware of its ability to think. There are only 10 known types of persons, referred to as "races": Angels, Demons, Dwarves, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, Humans, Ogres, Orcs, and Peedlings.


Beasts are any animal unaware of its own ability to think which reproduce sexually, with two different genders.


A creature is any animal unaware of its own ability to think which reproduces asexually.

By habitat


Terranean life is any life (including plants) which lives primarily above-ground or flies.


Subterranean life is any life (including plants) which lives primarily below-ground or underwater.


Birds are any animals which can fly. (including Angels and Fairies, though it is mostly used as an offensive term to describe members of those races)


Fish are any animals which can survive underwater.

Example list of animals

  • Ababil - an insect normal monster terranean bird beast.
  • Abaia - a monster subterranean fish creature.
  • Abatwa - a normal terranean beast.
  • Appels - a normal terranean creature.
  • Bibet - a normal terranean beast.
  • Big Black Blobs - a normal terranean bird beast.
  • Goodooligadoo - a monster subterranean creature.
  • Ink-Ant - an insect terranean beast
  • Mississippi - a normal terranean creature.
  • Moop - a normal terranean beast.
  • Pooky - a normal terranean beast.
  • Rarts - a normal monstrous terranean creature.
  • Unicorn - a normal terranean beast.
  • Ymile - a normal terranean beast.