Age of 20

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The age of 20 is the "coming of age" in All-That-Is - the day that separates a child from an adult. This is treated differently from culture to culture - Orcs, for instance, celebrate the occasion by giving the new adult their very own necklace, while Dwarves insist that the new adult get legally very, very drunk for the first time.

New Rights and Responsibilities

Once 20, a person can:

  • Get their own God Tattoo
  • Legally get drunk
  • Legally have sex
  • Move past the rank of "apprentice"
  • Become the Voice of a god.
  • Move past the rank of cabin boy on a pirate ship. (technically a 20 year-old can become a captain, but it is extremely rare.)
  • Be tried and imprisoned as an adult, in most countries.