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The Orcs are a tribal race. They are split into thirteen different tribes: Ten tribes who are united and peaceful towards one another, and three renegade, or "outcast" tribes. Orcs and Ogres are collectively referred to as "Trolls"

United Tribes

  1. Diamond Orcs - miners, who will mine an area, and once they've removed all of the valuable jewels, move on to another area. While nowhere near as skilled at mining as the Dwarves, these orcs feel a natural affinity for the underground.
  2. Stone Orcs - cave-dwellers, who will typically stay in one place for their whole lives.
  3. Tree Orcs - forest-dwellers, who live as one with the trees, building tree houses, or hollowing out trees to live in. These orcs get along particularly well with elves, who live in a similar nature.
  4. Lightning Orcs - orcs from Atmos, the only part of All-That-Is constantly in a storm.
  5. Water Orcs - orcs who live mostly in house-boats, or in some cases, dwellings built under the water itself.
  6. Wind Orcs - orcs living on the Cliffs of Folie, in shelter carved out of the cliff itself, these orcs are known for their method of travel; gliders.
  7. Fire Orcs - volcano-dwellers, a large percentage of these orcs are flamers
  8. Metal Orcs - these orcs live wherever they can, and are simultaneously the most aggressive and the most social orcs - they trade for metal from the Diamond orcs, get the Fire orcs to use the heat of the volcano to craft their weapons and armour, and trade the Grass orcs for leather to bind their constructions.
  9. Grass Orcs - nomadic orcs, weaving huts out of grass, and simply carrying them from area to area, staying as long as they wish.
  10. Ice Orcs - heavily rugged up orcs, living in the snow at the top of mountains. They are known for having only one word for "snow", but a hundred different ways of saying it.

Outcast Tribes

The outcast tribes refuse to use orc shielding or armour, or in fact any kind of clothes. As a result, they have incredibly tough skin, but are always completely nude. Fortunately for any children watching, the mud orcs are generally covered in the swamp in which they come from, the poison orcs always carry huge bottles of poison in conveniently-placed locations, and very few people have clearly seen a fog orc.