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The Choreograph is the gospel of Frastaire, God of Dance. It consists primarily of proverbs, pieces of advice for dancers which many non-worshippers find to be vague to the point of useless. Appeals to the Voice of Frastaire are generally useless, as he is forbidden to speak to other Frastaire worshippers in any mean other than dance.

Proverbs from The Choreograph

  • Dancing is nice work, if you can get it.
  • Put on the ritz.
    • "Ritz" is the Frastairian word for "best dancing costume". This is considered a metaphor, meaning "Work as hard as you can."
  • Change partners.
  • Face the music and dance.
  • Hang on to me.
    • This is frequently put onto the cover of the Choreograph, to remind people not to let go of their faith.
  • Kiss and make up.
  • Pick yourself up.
  • Kiss the bridegroom.
    • This has now become a tradition at Frastairian weddings.
  • Be easy to dance with.
  • Don't put babies in corners.
  • Put all your eggs in one basket.
    • Angels are the only race that create eggs, and so communities of Frastaire-worshipping Angels don't individually raise their eggs, but build a giant basket, in which all the children are mixed up and taken care of as a whole.
  • They can't take that away from you.
  • Build a stairway to paradise.
  • Bring on the girls.
  • Every day in every way.
  • I'm building up to an awful letdown.
    • This is perhaps the most depressing thing found in any gospel. Many Frastairians take this to mean that there is no afterlife, and the purpose of life is simply to dance and enjoy oneself.
    • Others believe it to be a simple spelling mistake, and that "awful" is meant to be "lawful", declaring the Frastairian Church to be in direct competition with the Angelic Church of Norbi. Some day, they interpret the text to mean, there will be a huge musical apocalypse, destroying the Lawful Angels for their wickedness.