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All-That-Is inhabitants frequently like to join up into clubs. No one is quite sure why. Most of these clubs have clear rungs - starting from "Novice" (or equivalent), a traveller can generally work their way up to "Assistant Guildmaster", or even "Guildmaster" (or equivalent) itself.

Guildmasters, however, are expected to work full-time managing the guild. As such, the average adventurer may be tempted by this position, but unable to dedicate the required time. When adventurer after adventurer would work their way up the ranks to "Guildmaster" and then bugger off to work their way up to "Guildmaster" in a different club or guild, most clubs and guilds created a position equal in rank without the required effort to solve the problem.

This is nice for adventurers, as they can feel important without having ongoing duties, and even better for guildmasters, as they find themselves being assassinated much less.

Clubs and organisations in All-That-Is generally fall into one of three categories: Job-related, God-related, and Race-related.

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