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Dragons are one of the 6 types of PARA.


To be turned into a Dragon is called Reptilification. At the end of the three day's sleep, your skin will have changed colour according to the PARA Colour Chart, however the physical transformation and accompanying urges will not be completed until a year after the original bite. In the mean time, the individual takes on more and more reptilian qualities, until after a month, they look exactly like a dragon (but retain their original size and appetite) and by the end of the year, they are 4-10 times their original size.

Angels and Fairies (or halflings with the ability to fly) keep their flying ability post reptilification.

Dragons require huge amounts of food, depending on their size, between 100 gold per day to 100 gold per week.

Dragons have the ability to breathe fire. They can be killed through battle, however have huge damage reduction: as a result, Dragon Pelt is a much sought commodity for armour and shields. Dragons who were once Angels can be killed with water, though it is nowhere as effective as it is on Angels. All Dragons can be drowned, and if they drink their own weight in water, their internal fire will be put out, and they'll slowly and painfully die. In society, Dragons are not very popular, and Dragon-slaying is a lucrative career - both through bounties and sale of Dragon-skin.

Dragons do not have any regenerative abilities other than that of the average person.

Dragon bones work like fireworks.