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Current Year: The Year of the Bee.

All-That-Is is a magical land. The land can be divided in many ways, by oceans, islands, or pirate clans, but the most common way is to split it into the countries, defined as the homelands of the 10 different races. In alphabetical order,

There are also three areas of the world not considered part of any of the above ten countries. These are rogue states, considered by some to be countries themselves.

Most people believe that the Gods look down upon All-That-Is, and that they were the original creators of life and the cause of magic in the world. Which gods are worshipped is determined mostly by race, location, and culture. Those who offend or particularly please the gods may be subject to Curses or Blessings. Most gods have their own church, with various rankings and positions of power - the head of a church is known as a Voice.

All-That-Is is home to a number of plants and animals, as well as the 10 races listed above. These are almost invariably unfriendly, and the few useful animals who aren't constantly attacking people are domesticated and used on farms. The most common farm animals are the Moop and the Mississippi.

People of All-That-Is can have any number of jobs, whether they are raised into a trade, or travel the land, working whereever they can find employment. Some of the more popular jobs are farmers, pirates, church officials or finding casual employment at one of the number of Clubs and Guilds around.

Almost everyone in the world can use magic of some kind, whether simple spells around the house, offensive kurses, or the more powerful magic of wizards or sorcerors. Only a few people have no magic abilities of any kind - full-time Pirates and Ninjas, and people who have become PARA of some form. Society dictates the appropriate use of magic, though it differs from country to country, and even town to town.