Organised Religion

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Worship of the gods can be split into two rough categories: Organised Religion, and Unorganised Religion.

Organised Religion is the most common worship for many of the larger gods - Norbi, Yashel, Sillan, Nakira, Solomon - most of the popular gods, in fact, except for Targ, (as he is worshipped primarily by pirates) Nomad (as his worshippers are mostly travellers, spread to every country in All-That-Is) and many of the entertainment gods, including Trep, Frastaire, Feldman and Jom (due to the natural dislike for organisation shown by most Peedlings, who make up the majority of the entertainers in the world.)

Organised Religion generally consists of ranks within the church, which worshippers of any age can achieve. The earliest ranks are free for all, however once a certain level within the church is achieved, further ascenscion in the ranks is only available once the worshipper is a committed member of the church (generally shown by the appropriate tattoo.)

The highest rank in each church is invariably to be the Voice of the God, however this position can not always be achieved simply by working your way up the church ranks - Voices are often god-chosen, or the result of other unalterable conditions. (such as being involved in winning The God Contest)