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A pooky is a small animal who is most commonly found clinging to the branches of trees. They attach to a branch, and slowly suck out its nutrients until the branch falls off the tree. At this point, they wear what remains of the branch as protective armour, walk to and climb another tree, and attach themselves to another branch.

Pookies are noted for their enormous claws. The pooky is completely incapable of fighting, however the claws act as enough of a deterrent to any predators that pookies have no natural enemies.

Pooky hides are worth very little, their claws are worth slightly more. There is a myth that the original pooky still exists, one who is more claw than beast, and uses them precisely and viciously, cutting open the chests of their victims and eating their hearts. This "Spooky Pooky" has no recorded sightings, however, and the myth seems to exist only to scare small children.

The mating ritual of a pooky is considered to be extraordinarily lazy - to attract a mate, they secrete a chemical into the tree that they are feeding off. The secretion has different effects depending on the gender of the pooky - a male causes the tree to turn a shade of blue (this is considered to be the reason that pookies are so rare in the blue regions of Thebaz Isle) while the females cause the tree to bloom 6 pink flowers, which give off a male-attracting scent.

Pooky flowers are extremely popular among worshippers of Sexlia, and are considered the most romantic of all the flowers.