So I am officially terrible at blogging.

The longer I’m out of my routine, the harder it is to get back into it. This week, I told myself, this week I’ll be up at 8 every day, stick to my schedule…on Monday I had an extras shoot, yesterday was cup day, today is…the day before my birthday.

Fortunately, my method of procrastinating is “getting work that I’ve been putting aside done”, and so today I’ve wiped my old computer, sent some invoices to clients, and uploaded an edit of the most recent We Should Know Better episode. I haven’t done any writing since the start of this month, my new office is crying out to be set-up, and I’m hosting a gala tomorrow night without actually having written any material…but I have full confidence that it will all pull together.

Next week, however…the gala will be done, my birthday will be over, my office will be set up (I’ll do it over the weekend, if not before) and there will be nothing to stop me from sitting down and getting some serious work done.

Except, y’know, it’s show week.

We’ll see how it goes.

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