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Capital: Cognito

Largest City: Cognito

Race: Gnomes

Government Style: Democracy

Calobia is the Gnomish homeland. It is made up of four city-states: Cognito, Certus, Finitus and Ternecivus. Each area is known for its expertise, training and exports in a particular field.

The four regions are divided by rivers, which are also used to power many of the mechanical elements found in Cognito, the capital.

Ducart is the national pastime of Calobia.



Cognito is the capital of Calobia, and the largest of the four city-states. It is known as 'The Mechanical City', as it is covered and filled with ornate and elaborate automated machines.

Cognito is located on the left-hand side of Calobia, covering the entire western coast and most of the southern coast.


Certus is the northern city-state of Calobia, covering the entire northern coast and most of the east as well. The gnomes in Certus are known for their strong emotionality and romantic inclinations - among other Gnomes. Other species are barely able to tell the difference between Certusan Gnomes and the standard, stand-offish, seemingly emotionless Gnomes. These traits are said to be influenced by the city-state's proximity to Serenade, the City of Love, located to the north on the Isle of Dane.


Finitus is known as the darkest of the four city-states: the inhabitants are fascinated (some say obsessed) with pain - visitors to the city have nothing to fear, but Finitus is known as the place to go for advanced pain spells and contraptions, as well as the Church of Jas, the God of Pain.

Finitus is the smallest city-state of Calobia, covering less than half the southern coast.


Ternecivus is the central city-state, known as the Healing City. It is home to the greatest natural remedies and healing spells in the world, and houses the Voices of both Sillan, the God of Healing and Som Addream, the God of Natural Healing.