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Serenade is the second most popular tourist destination in All-That-Is*. More couples honeymoon there than any other city in the world, and it was described in The Travellers Guide to All-That-Is (first edition) as having streets paved with love. Serenade is the only city in the world with more single bars than temples. And as Sexlia, the God of Love herself calls Serenade home, there are a lot of temples.

Serenade is located on the Island of Dane, technically part of the Heartland, homeland of the humans. Humans are not known for their loving nature, but rather for their ability to start a war with any race. If humans aren't in a war with one of the other races, you know they're busy warring with one other. The reason for the City of Love springing up where it did is unknown: Sexlia's followers claim that this is the true centre of the world, where her love began, and that it spread outwards from there, however neutral sources record Serenade being known as the City of Love for at least fifteen years before Sexlia's first temple was built there, and at least ten years before Sexlia even appeared on the scenes at all.

The world's most popular destination for honeymooners, there are more couples honeymooning at Serenade than at all the other popular tourist destinations put together. Serenade's popularity has caused the city to grow, with more hotels and single bars being added yearly, to the extent that it now covers most of the Island of Dane, with the only other city being Water to the south.

Despite being half the size of Serenade, Water is the capital of Badro Bunip, the state in which the Island of Dane is located. Perhaps as a result, Badro Bunip is the most peaceful of the four Heartland states.

Serenade is the subject of much fiction, and Tunis, a small town 100k out of the city, is home of Robert Gnawer, the world's most famous romance writer. His Serenade series of scrolls is a best seller, a series about males (one of each race) who move to Serenade for business reasons and end up falling in love, despite their insistence at the beginning of the book that they don't believe in the concept. The first in the series, Human Heartbreak, is still the number one romance scroll of all time, followed shortly by the third, Dwarven Desires. Robert Gnawer himself found love in Serenade, when he was working in a casino. He was fired when a particularly skilled player won over 300 gold from his table, however a year later, he married her.

He says that it was worth it.

So if you're single, and looking for love, or you and your partner of 80 years are looking for somewhere to celebrate an anniversary, why not consider Serenade, the City of Love. Stay in one of our beautiful hotels, see the sights, and receive a personal blessing from one Sexlia's own priests. Serenade, the City of Love. Why wait for happiness to come to you?

*The most popular is Earlgate, the capital of Nevah-Nevah (the Angel Islands) and also the largest city in the world.