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Vampires are the most common PARA in All-That-Is. (except, of course, for mermaids, who have such little contact with the surface that they don't really count)


To be turned into a Vampire is known as Vampirism, or to be "Vampirified." After being bitten, the individual generally seeks a damp, cool place, and goes to sleep for three days. Once awake, they have fangs, increased strength and dexterity and a strong craving for blood.

Nutrition Requirements

Vampires require blood straight from the source, preferably from their original race, but as long as it's people blood, it will do. If a vampire doesn't feed, after 3 days, they suffer what is known as The Hunger. They completely lose all rational thought, and go on a bloodthirsty rampage until they feed. There is no limit as to how long they can survive without feeding, however when Hungry, they attack with no regard to personal safety.

Killing a Vampire

Vampires can't be killed in conventional ways, however if attacked enough, they can be knocked unconscious.

There are exactly three ways to kill a vampire:

  1. By severing the vampire's neck and completely removing the head from the body.
  2. By forcing a pointy piece of wood through the vampire's heart. It must be pointy, and it must be wood.
  3. By lighting their unconscious form on fire, and keeping the fire going until the vampire is nothing but ashes. Remarkable though it may sounds, it is possible for a vampire to be healed to full recovery from just a toe.

Though these are the only ways to entirely destroy a vampire, they can be damaged and severely weakened in many other ways:


Silver weapons do double damage to vampires.


When exposed to direct daylight, a vampire will catch on fire, which quite often results in them burning until they are nothing but ashes.

Holy Symbols

Unless the deity specifically identifies as unholy, any of the Gods' symbols cause damage to vampires.

Vampire Abilities

Vampires have a strong regenerative ability: they must eat regular, normal food, and will slowly regenerate over days (or, if extensively damaged, weeks) until they are back to complete health, with all of their limbs back in full functioning condition, and not even a scar.

Vampires do not cast a shadow, and they cannot be seen in a mirror or any other reflective surface.

If someone under the age of 20 is Vampirified, then they grow at an accelerated rate (3 times as fast as they normally would) until they reach the age of 20, at which point they stop aging.