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Earlgate is the capital of Nevah-Nevah, the Angel homeland, and is widely considered to be the capital of All-That-Is. It is the largest city in the world, and the most popular tourist destination.

Earlgate contains the world's largest fairy city, which takes up three stories of the Left Hand.

Regions of Earlgate

Earlgate, as the world's largest city by far, is split up into several distinct regions.

The Centre Hand

The Centre Hand (which is officially called "Earlgate" - the surrounding island has grown to be known as Earlgate as well) is home of the Voice of Norbi. Nevah-Nevah is a theocracy, so the Voice is also the leader of all Angels.

The top 20 floors of the Centre Hand are dedicated to The Psalm, the world's largest Church of Norbi.

The Left Hand

The Left Hand is home to the world's largest Fairy city, larger even than the shifting capital of Thebaz Isle.

The Right Hand

The Ridge

The Ridge is the name given to the four mountains immediately south of The Centre Hand. The mountains are called (from top to bottom)

These mountains are home of the third largest non-Narcarbian Dwarven mining colonies in the world.

Other Cities on the Island

There are a number of other cities on the Island of Earlgate. Whether or not these are considered to be part of the city of Earlgate is frequently debated.



Phalanx is the home of the best Angel training academy in the world.