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There are 5 Dwarven Pirate Clans. Two of them are better known for their mining ventures, but all five have extensive navies.


The Afflet Clan is a beaurocratic mining clan, who own most of The Narcarbia Islands. They focus mainly on keeping the peace, and act as a mediator between the other clans - where they are able to. In their own space or any neutral space, their word is generally accepted as Dwarven Law, however outside of their jurisdiction...anything goes. They are responsible, with mixed successes, for taxing the Pirate Clans.

The Afflet Clan was started by Nebaneeza Afflet, and will accept anyone wishing to join, provided they are not aggressive. Their navy exclusively targets Pirate Ships, boarding and checking for tax receipts - if they can't be found, immediate payment or a fight to the death inevitably occurs. Their flagships are known as the "Black Hands of the Sea", and include the Five Fingers, the Nemo, and the Fifty Nine.

Their territory includes Liswan, the central Narcarbia Island, and all of the Teagull Sea (the ocean surrounding the Narcarbia Islands). While the Demographic Ocean (between Nirenda and Nevah-Nevah) is technically neutral territory among the Pirate clans, they are considered the "moderators" of any neutral pirate territory.

Afflet's signature colour is grey.


The Fandang Clan is a benevolent pirate clan. Like all pirates, they survive by robbing other ships, however they famed for their incredible (by comparison) lenience - they frequently "trade ships" if robbing a better ship than theirs, but if it's not they'll allow their victims to live, and give them directions to the nearest port for restocking. They even leave enough food for them to make the journey.

The Fandang Clan was started by Tas "Angel" Fandang himself. They are noted for their loyalty - joining the Fandang clan is extremely difficult, but once accepted as a member, you will never be forgotten - even if you subsequently leave. The Clan are known worshippers of Targ, God of Pirates, and their Flagship is the Sea Witch.

Their territory includes three of the Narcarbia Islands: Port Laroy, Port Astob, and Port Rutner. For reasons unknown, the Fandang Clan refers to these islands as "The Three Torps" - Torp Laroy, Torp Astob, and Torp Rutner. Their territory also includes The Burg Sea, Dawson Ocean, and over half of the Titanic Ocean; essentially all of the ocean that surrounds Trolland.

One noteable subset of the Fandang Clan are the Sea-Elves.

Fandang's signature colour is blue.


The Jolee Clan is a slaver pirate clan. They, like the Fandang Clan, are known for their relative leniency when robbing: they will never take their victim's ship, but invariably clean it out completely. Ships travelling in Jolee waters typically include secret hatches of food, for survival after being robbed, which Jolee Pirates will courteously ignore if they come across it. The Jolee ships are known for their size - they can take the full contents of three or four other ships before overloading. They are also slavers, taking the strongest 10% of the population of any ship which they rob.

The Jolee clan was started by Lady Jolee and her partner Dwarvina, and are extremely xenophobic - only Dwarves are allowed in the clan. The Jolees are known worshippers of Targ, God of Pirates, and their flagship is the Old Neb.

Their territory is the remaining half of the Titanic Ocean, all of the Zane Ocean, and all of the Pi'jim Ocean; they surround Thebaz Island, and one half of Ellay. They have an uneasy alliance with The Undrej Clan, allowing them passage through their ocean. (without which, Undrej pirates would not be able to leave their ocean space surrounding Mount Zeddy.) They also have control of two of the Narcarbia Islands, Del Isa and Temura.

Jolee's signature colour is orange.


The Undrej Clan is a corporate mining clan, noteable as the Dwarven clan with the least pirates and ships. They are an expansive clan, with new enterprises being set up as often as they can afford to. There's no continent without the Undrej Clan there, trying to make profit. Their pirate ships are not at all antagonistic, rarely attacking other ships. The exception is when they spot a ship which has recently been attacked; they will often go in, kill the survivors, and add the ship to their fleet.

Their flagship is the Black Roger, the original flag-ship of the Jolee Clan.

The Undrej Clan was started by Undredge Doll, and welcome all races into their clan. None but dwarves, however, can reach the position of management, and only the smartest dwarves attain upper management positions. The Undrej Clan worship Sven, the God of Darkness.

They are in fierce competition with the other expansionistic corporation of All-That-Is, the Gnome-run Red Rum Trading Company. The territory of the Undrej Clan is small - they have control of only one of the Narcarbia Islands (Sobrasa, which they barely have a presence on at all - it's claimed that they only continue their stake their for tax purposes), the island of Mount Zeddy, and the small patch of ocean around it. They do, however, have large business bases in all the other countries of the world.

Undrej's signature colour is red.


The Vadey Clan is an ruthless pirate plan. While pirating, they will kill a ship if there is even the slightest resistance - the only way to survive a Vadey attack (other than defeating them in battle) is to surrender the second you see their flag - they will only allow surrender from those who do so pre-emptively . They are the primary reason for the Angel's persecution of pirates - due to their proximity, Angels see the actions of the Vadey Clan, and paint all other Dwarves with the same brush.

The Vadey Clan was started by Vadey Garr, and worship Targ, the God of Pirates. They will let a member of any race join their clan, and the best way to get a position on a Vadey pirate ship is to kill the person in the position that you want. It's best to know the personal politics of the captain you're trying to impress first, however, as killing a captain's lifelong friend is not the best way to get into their good books. Their flagship is called "The Ocean Star", but more widely known as "The Final Fate" - rumour has it that the Ocean Star doesn't ever take surrender, simply killing the crew of any and all ships they encounter.

Vadey territory is the Yulum Ocean, the Turwit Ocean, and noteably not the Rose Sea - the tiny sea near Lehfrie, at Damuck. The Demons, despite their uneasy relationship with the Angels use the Rose Sea as their primary trade area, and thus keep it well defended against the Vadey Navy. They also have control of the three southern-most Narcarbia Islands, Worrpas, Kaj, and Napitac.

Vadey's signature colour is light green.

Pirate-free Zone

It should be noted that the Hisaw Sea, which surrounds the islands of Nevah-Nevah, is mostly a pirate-free zone, due to the fierce hatred between Dwarves and Angels. Down the very bottom, many pirate ships can (and do) sneak through without issue, provided they don't cause any trouble.

Independant Pirates

Also of note is the fact that not every pirate ship on the sea belongs to one of the 5 Clans. While the majority do, there are many independent ships which are not affiliated with any of the five pirate clans, and their behaviour cannot be predicted. Independent ships face competition from the Pirate Clan whose territory they sail on, however, and thus independent pirateering is a risky business - though Afflet Tax-Ships will accept taxes from them.

Avoiding Pirate Attack

The simplest way to avoid pirate attack is simply to stay out of the ocean. A dangerous but effective technique is to raise the signature flag of the clan whose territory you're passing through - pirates don't attack members of their own clan. Of course, if one is detected, all pirates are sworn to kill impostors without mercy - even the more lenient clans of Jolee and Fandang. A popular method of travel is simply paying for one's board on a pirate ship itself - most will accept passengers, though you may be expected to defend your life if a fight breaks out.

Finally, the most common option is to find the head office of whichever clan's ocean you want to travel through, and pay for safe passage. The price varies based on your means and which clan you're asking, but they're extremely organised about the whole thing.