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Pirates are those who sail on the seas and oceans, and steal things for living. Sometimes from other ships (both merchants and other pirates), sometimes from coastal villages and towns, the rule of piracy is "Never pay for anything." This rule is consistently broken for things such as new pirate ships, whores, and enormous belt-buckles.

Targ is the God of Pirates, and is known for having a patch over one eye, many scars on his face, a hook, and a wooden leg. In order to be a worshipper of Targ, you have to have one of those things. Most pirates either use a fake patch, or cut their face, however a dedicated few have a leg or hand cut off.

Of course, due to the dangerous nature of piracy, many pirates find themselves subject to one or more of those injuries in their every-day duties, making the transition to "Worshipper of Targ" a lot easier.

The majority of pirates are Dwarves, and most of them are aligned to one of the five Pirates Clans. This is not mandatory, however, and there are a number of independent pirates, which can be extremely risky - pirates are duty-bound to destroy any ships belonging to either an independent pirate or a rival pirate clan, if found in their part of the ocean.

Angels consider Pirates to be their mortal enemy. Partially because Angels are allergic to water, and partially because they stand for what is good and right and stick their wings in where they don't belong.