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There are 7 oceans in All-That-Is, and 4 seas.

Merma, God of the Ocean and Tangaroa, God of the Sea, have a long-standing rivalry. Both are constantly petitioning for the oceans to be renamed seas, or vice versa. Tangaroans tend to do this by shouting on the street, most noteably at the entrance and exit to towns, while Mermans go door-to-door.

The boundaries of the oceans and seas are fervently defended in towns and cities, while those who actually sail don't really pay attention to where the exact lines are.

The Oceans

The Seas


  • The Ocean in the Ash Tree is not really an ocean, though it is frequently referred to as such.
  • The region covering the northern half of the Hisaw Sea and the Rose Sea is referred to alternately as "The Ocean of Tranquility" or "The Sea of Calm" due to its lack of currents, but neither Merma or Tangaroa have officially acknowledged it as either.